As part of its “memory games” series, the architecture magazine Detail is publishing a card set with 32 pairs of cards with pictograms. In this way, the long-established Munich-based trade magazine is honouring both Aicher’s centennial and the anniversary of the 1972 Olympic Games. Aicher’s pictograms played a key role in many of his subsequent projects; they are milestones in design history and icons of contemporary culture. The card set “Otl Aicher. Müchen 1972” unites 21 different sports of the Munich Games, like cycling, high jump, and archery, as pictograms and other pictograms that provided orientation on the grounds of the sporting event. The game is accompanied by an essay on the history of pictograms. kte

Sandra Hofmeister (ed.): Otl Aicher. München 1972. Kartenset, ISBN 978-3-95553-580-3, Detail, magazine for architecture, 29.90 euros.